Growing Medicinal Marijuana

Producing Marijuana for your own medical purposes

Health Canada’s Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) came into effect on August 24th, 2016.  These new regulations, legally allow Canadians with government approval to grow or designate someone to grow medicinal Marijuana.  Canadians who choose to take this route must operate within the limits set out in their Health Canada registration certificate, abide by set plant limits, storage limits and possession limits. These individuals are authorized to produce a limited amount of Marijuana for their own medical purposes (or who is designated).

Once approved by Health Canada to produce your own medical marijuana, starter materials (seeds / clones) must be purchased from a licensed producer.  You can check with a licensed producer to see if they have starter material for you.  Canadians can continue to purchase their dried medicinal marijuana or cannabis oil from a licensed producer with their valid prescription.

Simcoe Holistic Health encourages anyone to review the regulations, application process and guideline that have been put in place prior to completing your application.  Things to consider include: time commitment allocate towards your grow facility, energy requirements (both personal and structural), start up funds (facilitate grow facility, start up materials) and Cannabis grow knowledge.  Producing a small amount of Marijuana can be very rewarding, but it takes skill and experience to grow medicinal Marijuana successfully in a safe, secure and clean environment.

What next and how?

  1. Register with Health Canada – Registration and Application
  2. Instructions
  3. Application
  4. Medical Document – You must submit an original to Health Canada
  5. Health Canada Approval
  6. Receive Health Canada Registration Certificate to Grow Medical Marijuana
  7. You may now purchase starter materials from a licensed producer
  8. Certificate will include maximum number of Marijuana Plants, Storage limits, Possession, Indoor/Outdoor

Simcoe Holistic Health Role and Position

Currently, Simcoe Holistic Health will continue to provide education, counseling, support for patients that are seeking medical marijuana as a therapeutic option and want to acquire their medical marijuana by a Health Canada Licensed Producer.  The quality controls, packaging, labeling, quality assurance, testing, and ability to limit access to strains with THC Caps are all key indicators that are evaluated when considering medical treatment.  While we support a persons right to grow their own, we also support that medicine should be tightly controlled and regulated.  Simcoe Holistic Health will continue to see patients and submit a medical document, where appropriate and approved, directly to any one Licensed Producer, but will not be providing medical documents to patients or assisting with the completion of the ACMPR Application.