When the “Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations” (MMPR) became part of the legal framework in April 2013, it altered the landscape of the medical cannabis industry. The regulations create very specific conditions for the production and distribution of marijuana by licensed commercial producers. In the short time, since the regulation came into force, the benefits of buying medical cannabis from licensed producers (LPS) have increasingly become evident.

First and foremost is the patient’s health and safety. According to the new regulations, licensed producers are the only legal source of medical marijuana.”1  The federal government has stated that end-user documentation will be available to provide the public and police the names of the producers for the police verification if necessary. More importantly are the strict security measures, record keeping, and quality control requirements for the licensed producers imposed by Health Canada and the RCMP. The strict stipulations help protect and ensure you are receiving the safest and highest quality medical marijuana.

The same cannot be said for Dispensaries; they are illegal in Canada. Dispensaries are subject to full law enforcement whenever found and applicable.

To obtain a license to grow, the producers must go through a rigorous pre-application inspection process, including; employee background checks, building and facility compliance, security clearance and pass a comprehensive quality set of standard. Furthermore, they are subject to regular and continuous inspections, audits, and a variety of severe penalties for even the slightest indication of non-compliance. Once approved by Health Canada, Licensed Producers can produce, sell or deliver dried, or fresh marijuana, and cannabis oil to eligible patients.

The main advantage of this administration ensures that Canadians with a medical need can access the highest quality-controlled marijuana produced under safe and strict hygienic conditions.

Another advantage is that in most cases, producers have invested in advanced research and development in the context of Health Canada oversight. In other words, a producer can develop products on a consistent basis and deliver an array of different strains to meet patients at the point of their needs.

Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations removed the stigma often associated with marijuana. The Canada Revenue Agency recently announced that it accepts medical cannabis as a medical expense against income taxes if the purchase is made via a Licensed Producer.

With regards to the society, government and medical community acceptance, there is an expectant in growth rate in the number of registered users of medical marijuana from the current level of 40,000 to more than 450,000 in the next ten years.

People who benefit from medical marijuana have the opportunity of accessing the highest quality product that is in line with pharmaceutical standards via Licensed Producers. It can be said that quality, variety, and safety will remain consistent and will be improved over time owning to the committed efforts shown by Licensed Producers authorized by Health Canada.

No oversight or visibility is expected with dispensaries regarding production practices of their suppliers because they are not authorized or regulated by any government agency.

All products from Licensed Producers must be packaged in a child-resistant, tamper -resistant package to improve the dryness of the product and prevent contamination. Certain information must be on the prescription label, including patient’s name, net weight/amount, recommended storage condition, THC/CBD percentage, and expiry date. These restrictions are not applied to dispensaries leaving patients questioning the safety and quality of their products.

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