Embracing Licensed Producers of Medical Cannabis

Licensed producers of Medical cannabis are registered producers authorized by Health Canada. They are allowed to produce and sell medical marijuana under strict guidelines set out by the Canadian Government. The only way they can distribute marijuana is through registered mail.

Licensed producers (LPs) are best for you because of the following reasons:

  • They are obligated for putting patients’ health and safety into due consideration and patients are provided with detailed documentation and service, which will also include a prescription label for police verification.
  • Patients have access to excellent record keeping and quality control requirements which were imposed on licensed producers of cannabis to ensure top quality medical marijuana is being provided and tested.
  • A licensed producer of cannabis operates under highest quality control and strict sanitary conditions.
  • As a patient, you have peace of mind knowing that Licensed Producers have taken their time to invest in advanced research and development. This enables them to provide more consistent development, and they can offer an array of different strains to meet a broad range of patient conditions.
  • Also worthy to note, if you purchase medical cannabis from a Licensed Producer, you can claim your medical cannabis for your medical expense against income taxes; this is according to the Canadian Revenue Agency.

Their Legality

In Canada, it is the right of Health Canada to issue medical cannabis licenses to producers with the legal authority to grow, process and sell medical cannabis to various persons that are eligible.

Their legality stems from the following facts:

  • Medical cannabis is grown within the four walls of their regulated facilities.
  • Medical cannabis can be purchased by Licensed Producers through other LPs. 
  • Licensed producers of cannabis adhere to the dictates of Good Production Practice, which also includes the requirement to produce, put together, label and store medical cannabis in a clean and safe way.
  • Every batch of product is fully tested for chemical and microbial contaminant, and THC and CBD levels before release.
  • When you order medical cannabis from Licensed Producers, you get a prescription label which acts as a proof of legal possession. Further verification may be conducted through your LP to prove your status.

Why you should use a Licensed Producer of Medical Marijuana

Licensed Producers are the only legal way of obtaining medical cannabis.

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