Product Description

Option #1
Block Fee – Preferred Licensed Producer (Ontario Residents)

Annual Block Fee (Includes the following)
• Patient safety monitoring
• Advanced Patient Education, and Counselling
• Assistance with Licensed Producer Registration
• Compile Medical Records
• Charges for copying/transmission of medical records
• Patient Interview for practice admission
• No Charge Annual renewal fee applicable, in 12 months.
• $50.00 additional fee, if connecting remotely into our Telemedicine Suite
• $50.00 Missed Appointment Fee, Applies
• $50.00 administrative fee, to complete a new medical document/registration with Non-Preferred Licensed Producer
• Preferred Licensed Producers: Mettrum, Tweed, Bedrocan, Canna Farms, MedReleaf

To Professional Services Rendered on your behalf in connection with the above-note services:

Detailed Information Session about medical marijuana in Canada and regulations by Health Canada.

Medical Intake Session for consideration by physician for medical marijuana therapy.

Follow up discussion re: Licensed Producers.

Detailed Education Session about Strains/Vaporization and Licensed Producer.

Registration Documentation, completed and securely sent to Licensed Producer within 48 hours after Simcoe Holistic Health Physician appointment and account paid in full.