Simcoe Holistic Health Ltd., staff and physicians will provide an affordable, patient-friendly experience for the evaluation and treatment of those conditions that are suitable for medical marijuana and where other treatments have not worked for you.

Simcoe Holistic Health Ltd., goal is to serve Canadians as a partner in their healthcare. We offer a several options for patient’s consideration in receiving medical marijuana. We have convenient hours to best meet your needs and can additionally provide appointments through a secure, easy to use, telemedicine portal available in the comfort of your home.

  • IN-HOUSE MEDICAL MARIJUANA EXPERTS: Simcoe Holistic Health Ltd., was established in 2013 to help guide patients with the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations Purposes Regulations (MMAR) so that they could be licensed to grow and possess medical marijuana. The MMAR expired and a new legal framework was adopted by Health Canada as of April 1st, 2014.  The new legal framework, Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) was adopted for patients to legally use marijuana for beneficial relief of various symptoms. Our patients benefit from personalized treatment advice given by our in-house experts.
  • UNWAVERING COMMITMENT TO QUALITY: Our commitment to quality, product and service is our foundation to help patients achieve an improved quality of life with a range of ailments.

SHH Membership

SHH Membership

$295+ HST. One Time
  • Annual Renewal Fee of: $0.00
  • Choose Two of Our Preferred Licensed Producers: Mettrum, Canna Farms, Tweed, Bedrocan, Broken Coast, MedReleaf, Peace Naturals, Abcann, Maricann, Emblem & Organigram.

Professional Services Rendered on your behalf in connection with the services noted below:

  • Detailed Information Session about medical marijuana in Canada and regulations by Health Canada
  • Medical Intake Session for consideration by physician for medical marijuana therapy
  • Follow up education and counselling regarding medicinal marijuana treatment
  • Simcoe Holistic Health new patient intake and acquire all required information for physician appointment
  • Compile Medical Records
  • No Charge for copying/transmission of medical records
  • Patient Interview for practice admission
  • No Charge Annual renewal fee applicable (in 12 months)
  • Facilitate all required Licensed Producer registration
  • Colour Patient Information Booklet
  • Advanced Patient Education
  • Educational Resources
  • Travel Guidance & Information
  • Legal Authorization Information in accordance with current regulations
  • Licensed Producer Specific Strain Selection, (Treatment Plan Guidance & Advice)
  • Compassionate Pricing Review & Application Processing
  • Unlimited Access to Simcoe Holistic Health Staff for ongoing support and education
  • Detailed Cannabinoid Treatment Plan
  • Appointment with Marijuana Friendly Physician and ongoing Patient Safety Monitoring

Additional Fees May Apply:

  • $50.00 Annual fee is applied, if Patient is connecting remotely into our Telemedicine Suite
  • $50.00 Missed Appointment Fee, if cancelled appointment less than 24 hours or No Show to appointment
  • $30.00 Administrative fee to change Licensed Producer Registration
  • 20% off SHH Stocked Vaporizers, 20% off administrative change fee

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