What Our Client’s Say

Sleep Relief
My wife is able to sleep again so I am able to sleep again as well.
PTSD Relief
I have been suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) for years and cannabis helped me get my life back.
One of our relieved patients, Sarah said, “This has been the first time that I did not need to take painkillers, thanks to cannabis and SHH.”
Thank You. Very helpful. Thank you all very much.
Informative and Helpful. The information on medical marijuana was informative. The doctor was very helpful in informing me on the chemicals and how they affect my fibromyalgia.
Very Professional. They have a very upfront process that makes everything very easy.
Treated me with respect and were awesome at scheduling around my schedule. I am giving their cards to friends to get help as well :D
Awesome! Super Simple process and my prescriptions was delivered to my front door in just a few days. Will continue to use this service.
‎Just wanted to email you and let you know that treatment has been doing amazing. My day to day anxiety levels are slowly coming down, my back pain is so manageable I can finally dance again! I’m just wondering if I could setup an appointment and get a proper renewal process going so that I’m not stuck without any medications. Also CBD Oil from mettrum is amazing, it really really helps :)‎
Dear friends at Simcoe Holistic Health

I thank you all for prescribing and arranging a medication to address my specific arthritic condition.

The medication arrived two days ago, and very quickly the pain somehow subsided, and I began my exercise program that I was unable to do for the past two weeks.

My pronounced bad posture and limp has gone. What a revelation !

I got my body back and I was able to do that without feeling ” stoned.”

A sincere thanks to all.

Mr. W
“Thank you very much for looking after this issue so quickly and efficiently- I really appreciate it. All in all, thank you all for your continuing support and attention to my needs. The services I’ve received from SHH have truly been life changing- I can’t remember the last time I have been able to feel relaxed, safe, and happy without the usage of pharmaceuticals (and all the awful side effects that came with them). “
You have idea how safe it makes me feel to know that staff, who are educated and trained in the human body and provide guidance and instruction to me is appreciated. Puts my mind at ease!! Thank you!
Again thank you guys very much for all you’ve done for me so far.
Really appreciate your help and support.
You made the process go effortlessly, just wish everything was as easy as you guys made this.
Thanks again
NO PAIN! I cut the grass last night and washed the car – NO PAIN. I’ve been suffering with some sort of iliac crest inflammation according to my chiropractor, pain was resolved when I bumped the yellow oil to 1ml. I could just hug all of you!! Thank you so much!! LIFE IS GREAT!
Just wanted to say thank you on your recommendations, awesome choice Adam very happy with medicine received. Keep up the awesome service and great work and thanks again.
Hi Simcoe! I just wanted to get back to you that everything worked out great and I cant be more happy with Simcoe Holistic Health!
I thank all of you and I also wanted to let you know I did receive my Booklet and wow what great work it’s awesome and something to show my family and friends to help them understand better!
You are a true life saver now I can stay off the pills 100% and just keep slowly getting rid of them 🙂 so again thank you it honestly means so much to me how much you guys and gals care and are willing to work for your patients to get the best medicine possible keep up the great work :)
“I want to thank you and all the people at SHH for providing me with help and advice. My life has changed. Thanks again for being there.”
Rick B